Oh, the Post Oak Inn...so much too say about it and the people who go there.  There are always people there I know.  People that knew my parents and sometimes even my grandparents.  Each and every person there could be called 'quite a character'.  It's always fun and you can never, ever have 'just one'.  You just have to go see for yourself.  And, while you are there, tell Geri "Happy Birthday"!

Cistern Store

By the time we got to the Cistern Store the clear, cold, sunny January day had turned into a dark, windy, cold as hell night.  The cold wind was insane!  Thankfully, the Cistern Store was nice and cozy and had several people milling around.  The mother/daughter team that owns/runs the Cistern Store were very warm and welcoming.  A few of us decided to have a bite.  The bar-b-q sandwich was really good (I took a bite of Loretta's).  I ordered the salami sandwich.  Maybe I was just really hungry.  Or, maybe salami and Shiner is my peanut butter and jelly.  However, days later, I insist that the Cistern Store salami sandwich is the Best. Sandwich. Ever.  Really!   We decided to get back on the road.  The owner was so sweet, she braved the cold wind and came outside to take our picture even though they were obviously very busy.  We will definitely go back on another Joy Ride.

Cistern School House

Next stop, Cistern School House.  There was quite a crowd when we arrived.  We did find a table next to the wood stove that was very cozy and close to the bar.  Even better.  There did seem to be a private party going on while we were there.  So, while we in the midst of some unknown type of celebration, we were not swooped up into the revelry.  Sadly, no one was overly welcoming. On the plus side:  The pool room was well lit and spacious.  The bathrooms were large and clean.  After one or two beers each (who was really counting but the driver at this point?) we left to go around the corner to the Cistern Store.  But, not before we climbed aboard the old school bus parked in front of the school house.  

Howard's in Shiner

We actually heard about Howard's from some random people in Houston.  When they heard we were from Weimar they started raving about Howard's.  Howard’s looks like a convenience store/gas station, but step inside to find a  place filled with Shiner memorabilia, several beers on tap (including lots of Shiner beer varieties), snacks (we were feasting on salt and vinegar chips), T-shirts, and Blue Bell ice cream. 

We opted to sit out  in the covered beer garden. There was a wood stove burning so it was actually comfortable even on a chilly January afternoon.  We were there early but did notice signs inviting everyone to come out and dance to live music by the  "Los Kolaches".  We ran into folks we had met in other places, so we really enjoyed our time at Howard's.  The beer was cold and only $1.75 for a 16 oz. cup.  What a bargain.  We could have stayed longer but still had a few more stops to make on the Joy Ride.  


Ole Moulton Bank

We left Moravia and headed to the Ole Moulton Bank in Moulton. It houses a collection of vintage & unusual guitars and serves ice cold beer.  I was impressed with the non-smoking environment.  I did notice there was a nice outdoor seating area for smokers.  The bartender, a retired dairy farmer, was friendly and inviting.  He let us look in the old vault that is now used for beer storage.  We could have stayed for a few more cold ones but we had too many joints to check out for the day.  We decided to save a visit to Pavlas Tavern (just a block away) for another day and headed over to Shiner.     


We gathered a fun little group and headed out for our first Joy Ride this past Saturday. It was a beautiful cold and sunny day. We all met at The Tavern in Weimar. I will review The Tavern another day because it deserves a post all to it's self. Our first stop was the Moravia Store. Geri entertained us with a convincing story that the Post Oak Inn in La Grange was where Christopher Columbus landed and that the Post Oak has been opened since that time. The Moravia Store really does look like an old Texas beer joint. After one or two beers each, we headed down the road.